Asimi Charity Pledge

3rd August 2015 Asimi charity support

I’m sure we’re not the only ones who’ve been emotionally affected by the recent news events surrounding the hunting of Cecil the lion and other beautiful creatures of the African savannah. To most of us, news that this cruel ‘sport’ is still prevalent in Africa is shocking. Rich people paying specifically to hunt these animals for fun just seems so, well, old fashioned. But sadly, it still goes on.

The social and mass media naming and shaming may deter some in the future, but still efforts will continue to help save defenseless animals from this activity.

After a recent trip to Africa, observing magnificent animals such as elephants, rhinos and chimpanzees in their natural habitat, you really do develop an affinity for them. And after discovering all the threats they are continuing to face we realised we might have a chance here to help in some small way. So we decided to launch our Charity necklace range in an effort to help some of these animals and other endangered species we feel particularly passionate about.

We have pledged to donate 100% of sales profits from these silver necklaces to relevant causes and have carefully selected charities that help the animals through either protection from poaching, rehabilitation, habitat conservation, community education or all combined. Stay tuned as we will blog about each of the charities we’ve chosen to support so we can help spread the word on the great work they do.

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